WASH Officer/Construction Specialist

Job description

Under the supervision of the Programme Manager, and the WASH Technical Engineer, the WASH Officer/Construction Specialist is responsible for the implementation of technical programmes/interventions undertaken by ACTED either sub-contracted or through CFW/daily labour, matching with ACTED’s quality criteria and strategy.

He/She is fully responsible of his/her activity in terms of quality, respect of the targets, bill of quantities, respect of the budget and deadline.

Candidate should be able to work in Salamyiah Area – East Mousel 5 days a week and be off for 2 days

Qualifications & Preferred Skills

Project implementation, planning and follow up:

  • Ensure that planned activities are successfully implemented according to ACTED’s quality standards and SoPs;
  • In collaboration with the programme team and coordination, determine the strategic direction of the programme in the short and medium term and map out activities, and contribute to the preparation of project proposals and budgets as necessary;
  • Prepare Bills of Quantities and Designs as required by programmes.
  • Collaborate effectively with other line managers and the coordination team;
  • Manage the WASH programme team. Ensure that they are wholly involved in programme planning and direction;
  • Collaborate with the Appraisal, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (AMEU) to assess need, monitor activities, and evaluate programme progress. Ensure that lessons learned in the course of implementation are integrated into the programme to ensure that it remains responsive and relevant;
  • Provide input and regularly review all FLAT Follow-Up for ongoing programmes together with the relevant department manager and Programme Coordinator;
  • Be alert to opportunities arising for learning, collaboration and partnership that may enhance programme quality and responsiveness;
  • Provide relevant technical expertise/guidance to ensure that technical quality and standards are maintained during project implementation;
  • Identify and interact with existing WASH initiatives in the base, including UN, GO’s and NGO’s, and community initiatives;
  • Develop and implement an exit strategy in collaboration with his/her team, AME unit and the Project Manager;
  • Liaise with the relevant Technical Working Group / Cluster and its participants/ partners;
  • Report regularly (as requested) to the Project Manager;
  • Translate relevant documents or information during coordination and field visits;
  • Develop team capacity at both the individual and group level by organising/ facilitating trainings internally or through specialist agencies / individuals;
  • Facilitate trainings or programme coordination meetings by translating and/or leading discussions. Moreover, he/she shall be in a position to present ACTED’s global and programmatic strategies and activities in township NGO fora or for Local Authorities;
  • Work proactively to ensure that the projects are responsive and relevant to community needs;
  • Supervise Daily labour/sub-contractors hired to support with the WASH activities;
  • Submit accurate and detailed reports on assistance provided to beneficiary and technical activities conducted;
  • Assist in building positive relations with local authorities and external actors to grant access to beneficiaries and coordinate on the use of public sites and infrastructures;
  • Under supervision of the PM, forecast and prepare technical assessment and activities, triggering the commodities request to the relevant departments (e.g. logistics) if necessary;
  • Ensure that project timeframe and deadlines are abide to and that the project runs on time;
  • Ensure community/beneficiary feedback is collected and shared in programme and coordination meetings;
  • Be responsible for the management of technical officers and for ensuring that all field teams are comprehensively briefed on the objective, expected output and overall implementation strategy of any given activity;
  • Ensure that technical officers and other project/field staff are given training and complete all the necessary documentation in line with programme requirements.


Project support:

  •  Support with surveying of beneficiaries and others when needed;
  •  Support with data analysis and reporting;
  •  Support the Reporting Manager in the preparation of reports to be submitted to Donors / Authorities / Coordination bodies (i.e. OCHA / Internal Coordination). He/she will be expected to provide reports covering activity implementation, achievement of objectives, successes / challenges, beneficiary feedback, etc;
  • Provide regular reports to the PM on the progress of the implementation of activities and on observations made during the mission and collaborate closely with the AME unit as part of monitoring and evaluation activities;
  • To process data and information from field – in particular ensure quality, consistency, accuracy, truthfulness, comprehensiveness of all collected data;
  • To support assessment and monitoring staff to have an independent, open access to beneficiaries in order to collect complaints;
  • To support in preparation of the monthly/weekly work plan schedules;
  • To prepare all other report upon request by the Program Managers;
  • Provide with suggestions on improvement of the work process as needed.



  • To perform accurate filing of all processed documents, monthly consolidated filing of key project documents in the office;
  • To prepare, on demand, summaries and reports of activities according to ACTED needs and reflecting the most accurate data of the activities developed;
  • To support the assessment and monitoring staff on recording complaints if needed;
  • On close coordination with internal audit department, to assist on the final reporting of activities, including field verification of leftover stocks and identification of beneficiaries
  • Ensure all relevant filing is properly organised, up-to-date and complete for all projects. He/she shall, also work closely with the FLAT teams to support project reconciliation / general monthly follow-up exercises.


Professionalism and personal qualities

  •  A willingness to learn quickly, ask questions, and improve on his/her skills;
  • Excellent communication, diplomatic and motivational skills with program staff, beneficiaries and other stakeholders in the camp;
  • S/he is committed to honesty and clarity in all data collection, and expects the same from cash for work staff;
  • . Strong attention to detail, and ability to prioritize and problem solve in a fast moving, multi-site environment;
  • Demonstrate flexibility to work on unusual hours and cope with the pressure from emergency activities;
  • English, Kurdish and Arabic language skills are required.
Only candidates can apply for this job.
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