WASH Enumerator

Job description

Enumerators are responsible for carrying out the interview with individuals selected.  As an enumerator, you have an important task of delivering first-hand information from the community. Enumerators hence must be certain that the information they are collecting is accurate.  You need to check to see that the data is consistent across tables and that all tables in the survey are adequately completed.  Enumerators must check over surveys upon completion and sign the survey verifying the accuracy of the survey.

  • Coordinate with the supervisor on how to carry out the survey and to report daily work done;
  • Check that material necessary to carry out the survey is sufficient and appropriate;
  • Introduce yourself, explaining who you are and for who you are working in a manner that facilitates the participation of individuals in the survey;
  • Ask questions in a clear and kind manner, and ask all the questions exactly as worded:
  • Probe to clarify unclear answers;
  • Write down the answer in an ordinate and clear way, recording responses accurately;
  • Double check and revise the survey at the end of the survey in order to correct mistakes and sign off on completed surveys as verification of the accuracy of the survey.
  • Ensure adherence to the Code of Conduct for Enumerators.

Qualifications & Preferred Skills

Essential Qualifications:

  • Ability to read and write
  • Fluent in Arabic and Kurdish
  • Advanced level certificate (university education desired)

Skills and Traits:

  • Personable and able to build trusting relationships
  • Able to remain impartial and maintain confidence
  • Able to elicit information without leading the interviewee
  • Soft-spoken
Only candidates can apply for this job.


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