Transport Officer

Job description


  • Supervision of trucks and commodities/asset movements from different locations to different destinations
  • Provide day/weekly monthly reports as required


  • Prepare routine movement plans for staff movement and ensuring all movements are supported by authorized Travel Request forms
  • Ensure appropriate communication with staff traveling in case there is any change/revision of travel plans
  • Works with CLC to ensure appropriate communication with site managers and logisticians in all staff/cargo movement to their locations
  • Works with the Country Logistics Coordinator to ensure monthly reconciliation of invoices and submission to Finance for payment
  • Ensures all documents are filed per the IMC standardized filing system and audit monthly
  • Ensure all documents are files per IMC standard filing systems system

Transportation/ Assets control.

  • In coordination with Country Logistics Coordinator identify and rent trucks/vehicles as per IMC Rental Procedures. Ensure the trucks/vehicles are clean and in good mechanical condition
  • Raise issues to your supervisor on security-related transport issues, such as booking in/out, and assist with addressing them.

Cargo Movement

  • Oversees all cargo movements to the field locations
  • Coordinate with the warehouse officer for the distribution of supplies
  • Ensure all the relevant dispatch documents including, but not limited to, PRs, waybills, and packing slips, are completed and approved before any dispatch
  • Maintain daily cargo movement tracking sheet
  • Ensure all documents are filed per the IMC standardized system and audited monthly

Customs Clearance

  • Assist with the customs clearance for all process


  • Physically verify all assets monthly and ensure that all items have ID tags
  • Complete report for damaged or lost assets and submit to Country Logistics Coordinator
  • Oversee repair of assets if applicable


  • Prepare weekly and monthly reports for transport  and assets, and submit to the Country Logistics Coordinator per the stated deadline

Human Resources:

  • Supervise; manage staff under your supervision with integrity and foresight. Actively seek advice on HR procedures and policies to ensure that the highest standards of accountability and professionalism are upheld.
  • Make frequent site visits to where staff supervised by you, to ensure that the appropriate care and support is being offered.
  • Ensure that staff supervised by you are evaluated regularly, trained and/or mentored in a structured accountable manner, and written records of such are retained.
  • Provide input to the recruitment, selection and performance of logistics staff, as required.

Training/ Capacity Building:

  • Advocate and plan for professional development for yourself, and any staff supervised by you.
  • Provide input to, and deliver, where applicable, training for national staff to increase their responsibilities in order to build capacity, and ensure sustainability of programs.


  • Represent IMC in a positive and professional manner to contribute to the creation of a positive image and overall credibility of the organization, notably through the application of IMC’s mandate, ethics, values and stand-point with regard to other actors.


  • Ensure the application of, and compliance with, security protocols and policies of you and your supervised staff.

Qualifications & Preferred Skills

  • Must be a Kurdish native speaker
  • Good communications skills
Only candidates can apply for this job.

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