Senior Gyneacologist

Job description

The Gynaecologist/Obstetrician is responsible to:

  • Organise and carry out Gynaecological and obstetrical activities in a project, following MSF protocols and hygiene standards
  • Support the maternity team in the organization, training and emergency obstetric gynaecological care.
  • Supervision and training of the team.

Other Responsibilities:

  • The Gynaecology obstetrician, as a doctor, the responsibilities of the office of a doctor, this particular in order to ensure the quality and continuity of care for patients who come directly consult the maternity department of the HRA is supported by MSF (establishing diagnoses, treatments requiring surgery …)
  • Provides emergency gynaecology obstetric consultations, surgical intervention (C section, histerectomy if needed, etc) followed until hospital discharge of patients.
  • Document in patient records physical examination and plan of care.
  • Has the responsibility to a written operating procedure after each surgery / gyno obstetrical (in the patient record).
  • Supports the department head of the maternity doctor in planning monthly medical activities.
  • Actively participates in the development and improvement of protocols and datasheets in the maternity ward of the HRA.
  • Supports the physicians in achieving maternity tours daily rooms.
  • Collaborate with other partners involved in the maternity goal of reducing maternal-fetal mortality.
  • All Gynaecologic obstetrical activities must be conducted in accordance with hygiene standards, protocols and recommendations of MSF.


Qualifications & Preferred Skills

  • Senior Gyneacologist Credentials
  • Preferrably DOH accredited
  • English is essential
  • Can and willing to work in Mosul Area, Nablus Hospital
Only candidates can apply for this job.

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