Security Liaison Officer

Job description

Under the supervision of the Field Coordinator, and in coordination with Log Coordinator and the Security Supervisor, the Security-Liaison Officer at base level will be responsible to provide context analysis, ensure the security and safety surveillance of the situation on MdM intervention areas and report in case of any incident. S/he will propose review of security documents and make recommendations for MdM team in according to national and MdM procedures and with confidentiality related to this work.  S/he will maintain a network of relations with authorities, other NGOs and field-level focal points. S/he will participate to the assessment of new areas of intervention. S/he will request all needed access authorizations for the staff and equipment.

  • Assess on a daily basis the security context. Global and Local.
  • Analyze and report the security and contextual data using MDM validated tools.
  • Maintain and analyse an incident reporting system.
  • Support, implement and monitor the implementation of the security procedures and rules in all operational sites of MdM Dohuk base
  • Conduct on-going security risk and threats assessment
  • Ensure the security alerts mechanisms is functional, up to date and known by all staff.
  • Maintain a contact list (local authority, security entities, community leaders, HF staff, district office staff, local council  …etc.) that can be used in case of the team having problem in the field/check points, to ensure safe access to implement MDM medical activities.
  • Get verification of safe access by communication with key people before each field visit.
  • Adapt and update risk mitigation strategies, including standard operating procedures, guidelines and contingency plans, including crisis response, hibernation, relocation and evacuation for all Dohuk base operational sites.
  • Advise on technical protection and communications matters, such as site selection and protection, as well as the functioning and good use of communications equipment.
  • Be involved in incident response and crisis management and subsequent reviews and evaluations in collaboration with the Field Coordinator.
  • Identify possible places for team hibernation in the field and suggest adjustments to security pack based on new needs and context factors.
  • Support security-related staff such as guards, log assistants and other focal points
  • Provide training and mentoring of colleagues to develop security-related competencies.
  • Ensure proper update and delivery of constant companion cards for key staffs
  • Brief incoming personnel and ensure personnel are kept up to date on changing security conditions.
  • Brief expatriates or any new external visitor about the national context,  cultural and social customs
  • Provide advice on budgeting for operational security expenditures.

Liaison with Authorities and Humanitarian Actors

  • Develop, maintain and establish an effective communication and good relationship with authorities and other humanitarian actors.
  • Maintain a field-level network of focal points to strengthen mutual understanding and acceptance of targeted communities and collect information in permanent basis
  • To be the main interlocutor with security forces and armed groups in KRG and Iraq
  • Update a contact database of authorities and humanitarian actors in permanent basis
  • Facilitate visits of MdM staff with authorities by contacting them and setting meetings
  • Draft request and authorization letters to partners or local authorities
  • Obtain access authorization for current and potential intervention areas, for national and international staff and equipment
  • Keep informed his/her supervisor of any information concerning changes in the procedures and/or the legal context frame
  • Participate to coordination meetings with partners and/or local authorities when needed and prepare a written report/minutes of meeting
  • Represent MDM values as secular, independent association whose commitment is to support sustainable improvement of health policies and adhere to MdM humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence
  • Introduce MdM team to key stakeholders and to explain about MdM, presence, activities. etc.

Context analysis, assessments and mapping

  • Identify the stakeholders in MdM areas of activities and participate in actors mapping for each location, including analysis of relationships dynamics between different actors and impact on MDM intervention
  • Follow the news regarding the political, economic, security and sociological evolutions in the area and inform his/her supervisor on any information that might have an impact on MdM’s activities
  • Clarify and explain the social composition of the targeted communities including identification of marginalized groups, cultural norms, relationship between men and women in the community and any other social factors that can be linked to MdM intervention.
  • Upon request from his/her supervisor, write context note on specific areas or subjects.
  • Participate to the preparation of assessments in new area, by collecting context and safety information with local authorities and stakeholders
  • Develop SOP, validation procedures and briefing prior to fieldtrips to new and/or sensitive areas
  • During fieldtrips, to coordinate the convoy, represent MDM in check points, and to introduce the objective of the assessment, importance, and methodology if needed.
  • Identify, in collaboration with the medical team any information/issues/concerns that might affect the team safety or MDM acceptance in the area of intervention (i.e. if they face/feel community resistance for family planning, vaccination, handling GBV case… etc.

Qualifications & Preferred Skills

  • University degree or a diploma in social sciences or other related field
  • A minimum of two years of experience in relief response humanitarian programs
  • Experienced and knowledgeable in security/safety-related subjects, threat/risk assessment, strong representation and negotiating skills, security management, networking and personal and organizational security awareness
  • Full command in writing, reading and speaking of Kurdish, English and Arabic
  • Very good research and analytical skills
  • Proven ability to write in a clear and concise manner and to communicate effectively, including ability to prepare reports, make presentations
  • Proven experience of working effectively in complex security environments
  • Be proactive in improving skills by keeping up to date with new / latest development in safety and security operations procedures
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