Security Guard – Salamiyah 2 Camp

Job description

Security Guard is responsible to patrol and protect SHLS premises and promote and enforce safety and security.

Position objectives:

  • Remain proactive all the time to observe and ensure safety of the space and report immediately to IRC team as well camp administration in case of any emergency situation.

Who this position reports to:

Security Guard reports to Education officer.


  • Patrol designated space to monitor and prevent any interference, damage, hazards and breaches of security.
  • Protect SHLS premises from theft, damage, trespassing or accidents.
  • Provide a visible presence that enforces safety and security.
  • Identify and investigate suspicious behavior, threats and irregular activity.
  • Monitor and control entrance and departure of employees and visitors according to prescribed protocol.
  • Detect and confront unauthorized persons and violators of security procedures.
  • Report rule breaches and violations to his supervisor.
  • Monitor and prevent movement of prohibited items into and out of property.
  • Conduct exterior property checks for maintenance issues, malfunctions or hazards
  • Contact relevant authorities to deal with unlawful or irregular activities

Professional Standards

  • All Security Guards are required to adhere to THE IRC Way Standards for Professional Conductand the IRC country employment policies.

Qualifications & Preferred Skills

  • Preference will be given to those applicants who can read and write in Arabic, however illiterate with security guard experience can also apply.
  • Some experience as a security guard
  • Well respected and nominated by the community (though final selection will be done by the IRC)
  • Preference will be given to IDPs and living inside the camp.
Only candidates can apply for this job.

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