Safety & Security Officer

Job description

  • Provide technical support on all policies, procedures, guidelines and planning for staff safety, operational security and program continuity;
  • Work to develop, consolidate and implement operating procedures and contingency plans;
  • Evaluate, review and update the hibernation and evacuation plans for offices and residences
  • Conduct risk assessments of contracted and prospective offices and residences.
  • Conduct risk assessments for the areas that Mercy Corps either operating or planning to operate in, this include field security assessment.
  • Conduct safety inspections such as; monthly fire extinguishers, smoke/fire detectors and inspection of facilities.
  • Building Acceptance to empower and expand humanitarian programming
  • Report any violations to organization authority, and participate in preventative initiatives.
  • Actively seek opportunities that will complement ability to fulfill position’s responsibilities as well as further professional development, such as taking part in internal and external trainings.

         1-Monitoring, Analysis

  • Identify, establish and manage context appropriate approach to assure organization facilities are secure.
  • Submit daily contextual updates (daily Security Report) as needed
  • Work closely with the teams to ensure all incidents and accidents are followed up with an official written report, which is then shared with relevant stakeholders and filed appropriately.
  • Coordinate regularly with the supervisor on safety and security, and fulfill reporting requirements to the region.

        2- Security Orientation

  • Provide Training(s) that may include Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs); Contingency Plans (CPs); Security Management; Incident Reporting; Prevention and Response Mechanisms; Communications (Equipment – Thuraya; protocols).

3- Reporting:

  • Responsible for all aspects of security incident reporting including: Flash Reports for the immediate alert and follow-up with written reports and all necessary documentation. S/he will maintain a central file of all incidents.
  • Responsible for maintaining updated incident mapping based on gathered information. Map and advice on Go/No-Go areas or roads in the format provided by SSSO.
  • Produce daily Risk Ratings; based on media monitoring and research of daily events and activities through media, social media and contacts.
  • Produce regular weekly written reports in English on the security situation in Kurdish Region in Iraq (KR-I) and Ninewah Governorate based on the current information available from other agencies, Mercy Corps offices, media and other sources. Monitor local and national news (radio, television and print) and translate appropriate information in daily updates. Inform the SSSO on issues that may have an effect on Mercy Corps security in the area of responsibility and advice on precautionary mesa.
  • Ensure Mercy Corps SMT meetings occur on regular schedule including appropriate composition and maintenance of minutes. Disseminate information from SMT to staff. Regular posting of security information to national and expatriate staff; including but not limited to the use of circulation file, distribution of urgent messages in mailboxes or by personal visits and posting general information on bulletin board.
  • Brief guards, drivers, office and field staff on any immediate security threats.
  • Provide a security briefing to all new staff (advising on current security phase of city and overall Central Region).

4-Inter-Agency Liaising:

  • Liaise with local authorities responsible for security, including issuance of MOUs where required.
  • Develop and maintain information sharing networks with other organizations operating in Kurdish Region in Iraq (KR-I) and Ninewah Governorate in order to establish information sharing and comparison and coordination of community approach to security incidents and atmospherics.
  • Develop and maintain a list of contacts and information sources in all areas of work.
  • The support Mercy Corps operations, support the dissemination information; develop a network of safe houses and other field support to team members.

5Personnel Tracking:

  • Coordinate with Mercy Corps supervisory staff in tracking national staff movements in the field. Establish a communication system with field staff when/where necessary. Advise on travel restrictions or precautionary measures, as required.
  • Conduct field trips with Mercy Corps Teams whenever required.
  • Track Mercy Corps vehicles and staff while operating in the field by using the web-portal for the GPS trackers.
  • Maintain an updated list of all necessary telephone and contact numbers of authorities in all Mercy Corps areas of work and residence
  • In cooperation with the SSSO and CSSM, regularly reviews the evacuation plans, security instructions and any other contingency planning that may be necessary.
  • In coordination with Administration, ensure Constant Companion and Emergency Contact information is regularly updated and distributed to expatriate staff.
  • Ensure that the Communication Phone Tree is up-to-date all the time, coordinate with HR team to have an updated staff list.

  6-Physical Security:

  • Ensure that all necessary measures are taken to provide Mercy Corps employees with a safe working environment as detailed in existing guidelines, including responsibility of fire regulations, procedures of acceptance of visitor and vehicles to Mercy Corps premises, receiving of mail etc.
  • Ensure that all necessary measures are taken to provide safe environment for Mercy Corps employees and housing for expatriate staff, as detailed in existing guidelines.
  • Analyze existing policies and procedures and suggest revisions to the SSSO where necessary.
  • Continuous review the perimeter security, and propose and implement necessary fortification.
  • In cooperation with the SSSO, regularly review the security situation of all Mercy Corps premises, evacuation plans, security instructions and any other contingency planning that may be necessary
  • Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications & Preferred Skills

  • Proven ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.
  • Stable, moral and robust character and a good team-player.
  • Excellent communication skills, calm, with a good sense of humor.
  • Proven commitment to accountability practices.
  • Strong information technology skills.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English, Kurdish and Arabic.
  • Clean record.
  • Training or experience in crisis management.
  • Training in safety, fire and evacuation procedures.
  • Training in safety and disaster management.
  • Experience negotiating access for humanitarian or other agencies.
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