Job description

  1. The Psychiatrist will deliver Mental Health services to the Persons of Concern and will operate within a structured case-management system.
  2. The Psychiatrist will build capacity on the mhGAP-HIG package, by training the health staff of the Primary Healthcare Center in the Camp as well as UPP health/non health staff.

Mental Health service delivery

  • Delivers Mental Health services to Persons of Concern in need for Mental Health assistance;
  • Develops mental health care plans, which are individualized, patient-centered and mutually agreed on with the Persons of Concern as well as in line with the highest International quality standards;
  • Prescribes medications and follows-up their effectiveness and safety profiles.
  • Together with the Mental Heath Focal Point, designs UPP drugs procurement policies, in line with the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines.
  • Evaluates the satisfaction of the Persons of Concern on the quality of mental health services provided.


  • Works closely with other professionals of the UPP multi-disciplinary teams (Psychosocial Counsellors, Community Workers, and Field Coordinators) within a structured case-management system;
  • Participates to the case-management team meetings and supports the team in identifying cases in need of intensive case-management.


  • Fills the data collection forms, in line with UPP Health Information Systems (HIS);
  • Together with the Field Coordinator, monitors and maintains Persons of Concern’s files;
  • Supports the Field Coordinator and the Project Manager in reporting activities;
  • Submits monthly reports to the Mental Health Focal Points, the Field Coordinator, and the Project Manager.

Capacity building

  • Trains UPP staff in mhGAP-HIG
  • Together with the Project Manager, organises and trains Primary Healthcare Centers staff in mhGAP-HIG as well as UPP staff;
  • Monitors and follows-up the effectiveness of the mhGAP-HIG training.

Communication and collaborations

  • Communicates and collaborates with different other actors in the MHPSS sector, inside and outside the Camp as well as with the National Authorities;
  • Organizes or participates in Inter-Agency Case-Management Meetings and in other relevant technical meetings.


Qualifications & Preferred Skills

  • A degree in Psychiatry is mandatory;
  • Registration in the Directorate of Health in Erbil (DoH-Erbil) is mandatory;
  • Fluency in written and spoken Arabic and English is mandatory;
  • Knowlegde of Kurdish is an advantage;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Proficiency in the Microsoft Office package;
  • Experience of a minimum of 3 years is mandatory;
  • Committment with all the requirements of the position.
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