Nutrition Program Manager

Job description

Objective 1 Establish and supervise activities in the framework of nutritional projects:

  • As per the National Nutrition/IYCF Guidelines and the Nutrition Working Group recommendations to design the CMAM (OTP-SFP-) /IYCF E program response implementation approach.
  • Contribute to the development and integration of Nutrition and Care Practices / Psycho-Social Programmes to enhance the prevention and treatment of acute malnutrition
  • Implementing and monitoring data collection  systems  concerning the different components of the CMAM /   IYCF E programme as a basis for the evaluation and furtherance  of the programme
  • Ensures CMAM/IYCF E program performance indicators and monitored, reported and reach performance according to international/national thresholds. In case results do not meet thresholds, propose additional solutions towards the improvement of the results and on process to learn what may be affecting performance.
  • Ensure that the teams document clearly the admission and discharge diagnosis for each patient according to national statistical definitions to enable good analysis. Making sure that Databases are accurate and of standard quality
  • Creating and developing a network for the detection and referral of beneficiaries, notably by the use of community mobilisation techniques
  • Ensures frequent joint visits to the field to monitor activities.
  • Preparing requisitions, monitoring and controlling consumption (drugs nutrition product…)
  • Managing the programme budget and targets achieved with reference to the project proposal, and making any necessary adjustments in consultation with the Finance Manager in the base and the Field Coordinator

Objective 2: Program development ,  context analysis :

  • Make sure the nutrition program and activities are in line with project definition and timeframe. Organize regular meeting with key team members to analyze program activities and results.
  • Assess adequacy between program and needs and adapt if necessary
  • Proposes and initiates improvements according to the needs and toward exist strategy.
  • Adjust the program in collaboration with MHCP PM and FC according to any change in the context.
  • Keep an update on the evolution of the health and nutrition situation in all the areas targeted by the response, and on the evolution of the responses in the areas.
  • Analysis the others gaps and assess the potentiality to develop new activities/ new zones (Others camps/ Est-West mosul town).  (IYCF training for health staffs in Est-West mosul town linked with MHCP, HSS, SC in hospital…). Share his/her analyse of the needs  with the Field Coordinator,  the country director as well as the regional Nut/health advisor

Objective 3: Managing the programme team :

  • Taking part in the recruitment of staff in collaboration with the HR department in the base and the Field Coordinator
  • Organising and carrying out training sessions on CMAM and IYCF E to the ACF team in collaboration with the MHCP PM  taking into consideration their profiles and the cultural context
  • Organizing and leading meetings with the team and individual staff members, on both a regular and ad hoc basis
  • Identifying individual team members in need of action plans according to their JDs, drafting of the plans and supervising their implementation
  • Lending support to teams in the organisation and coordination of their wor
  • Resolving problems arising in the teams with the support of team supervisors and, when necessary, in consultation with the  HR in the base

Objective 4: Represent ACF and develop local partnerships:

  • Presenting the program in close coordination with the FC at the level of the programme and the geographical area of intervention in external coordination meetings, meetings with the authorities and visits by funding bodies and partners in alignment with the mission’s external communication strategy
  • Developing a framework for communication with local representatives (regular meetings, identification of key local actors and development of collaboration with them) in order to facilitate harmonious and productive relations
  • Adhering to the terms of agreements signed off with partners working in the same sector and referring to them regularly to ensure that collaboration follows the lines intended
  • Organize sessions of training for MoH staff and others potential NGOs on the detection and the treatment of the  acute malnutrition as well as  on IYCF E
  • Provide technical support to the MoH nutrition/IFYC E  activities if needed

Objective 5: Reporting:

  • Monthly activity reports (APR Narrative and Quantitative). Internal reports should include the activity progress report in respect with the mission format. Monthly reports should also integrate all indicators to be reported to donors.
  • Responsible for the elaboration, in partnership with Field Co, GRO of the nutrition program donor reports (proposal, quarterly, final reports), with respect of the formats and deadlines


Qualifications & Preferred Skills

  • Minimum Bachelor in Medical sciences or in nutrition or related field, Masters Degree required.
  • Necessary experience of CMAM and IYCF at Program Manager level. Experience in emergency setup is a plus.
  • Strong capacity building and training skills.
  • Must be able to work autonomously and arrive at decisions and conclusions with minimal guidance.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Flexible personality, negotiation  skills.
  • Willing to travel often.
  •  Good representation competencies- Respect and diplomacy
  • Strong interest in Care practices and psychosocial approach/able to work in close collaboration with MHCP PM.
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