1. Identifies and assesses capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of shareholders for responding crises, to

more effectively manage crises’ response, continuously introduce and implement helpful solution,

conduct research, and identify and provide recommendation in regards to required resources.

2. Identifies policies and indicators for an effective coordination among the relevant shareholders in times

of crises’ response.

3. Identifies and suggests required resources to perform response program of a crises more effectively and

to be in accordance to policies and objectives of JCC.

4. Collects and analyses information about relevant shareholders in the implementation of crises’ response

plan, as well as assesses their capabilities in comparison with the needs, policies and objectives to perform

joint plan more effectively.

5. Identifies and analyses the structure of joint plan and how to act during the response to a continuous crisis,

also assesses gaps in regards to capabilities and hurdles of the assistance.

6. Implements (SWOT) systems which is an assessment of (strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities

of any project), to identify opportunities and threats for an effective coordination among main partners of

the response crisis and to provide recommendations for solutions.

7. Identifies those fields which needs improvements in process of assistance and joint action policies, also

provides recommendations for acting and supporting recommended work.

8. Continuously identifies required resources and analyses gaps and errors, recommended works and making

effort to implement them.

9. Visit crisis settings, response partners and other stakeholders as needed and assigned.

10. Other duties and tasks as needed and assigned by the Director.

11. Act as Duty Officer on a rotational basis or as assigned.




1. Master (M.A.) or Bachelor (B.A.) degree is required in the fields of international relations or program

management or Media.

2. Multi-lingual: At minimum, must be fluent in Kurdish and English (spoken and written).

3. Experience of having worked in a fast moving, high pressure, mixed culture environment.

4. Experience of having worked across government ministries and departments.

5. NOT less than TWO year experience of the relevant fields.

6. High level skill with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, and PPT) required.


1. Ability to work hard, under pressure, to tight and moving deadlines.

2. Personal resilience and ability to work in challenging circumstances.

3. Patient and diplomatic with a wide diversity of people and work styles.

4. Able to build and maintain strong working relationships and to wield influence through these.

5. focused on delivery

6. Team player


Applications will be initially screened for eligibility in accordance with the qualification criteria above and

qualified applicants will be shortlisted. Applicants are encouraged to address each criterion in their application

in order to meet the minimum requirements for this position. The shortlisted applicants will be notified and

called for an interview. The interview is run in both languages Kurdish and English.

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