Under the line management of the Multi Task Team Leader, the Medic is part of the team conducing Multi

Task activities in the Governorate of Kirkuk and/or Diyala. The MTT component of the project involves the

location, removal and destruction of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) and Improvised Explosive Devices

(IEDs), marking Suspected and Confirmed Hazardous Areas (SHA/CHA) and delivering emergency Risk

Education (RE) safety briefings to persons at risk on the dangers of ERW and IEDs who are living, traveling

or working close to the hazardous areas. The Medic may be tasked to assist the project in other ways from

time to time.


1. Participate in and Conduct medical training in accordance with HI SOPs

 Follow initial and refresher training as requested by line manager; ask for refresher training and

guidance any time

 Provide medical training for the team or any other staff member (first basic aid), as directed by the

Medical Coordinator, and requested by the Chief of Operations.

 Participate actively in CASEVAC drills to demonstrate your abilities to manage with emergencies in

respect of the procedures

 Promote preventive measures to prevent the contraction of any disease or illness and a high

standard of personal and accommodation hygiene to the team

2. Ensure the good preparation, use and maintenance of medical equipment

 Maintenance and care for the team medical equipment, medical supplies and all other equipment

within the project,

Ref: HIIQ-DYL – MDC-95

 Account daily the use of the medical equipment ensuring that the minimum required is all the time


 When necessary report to the chief medic the state of her/his medical equipment, requesting in

advance the medical supplies required to ensure the availability of each item

 Report to the Multi Task Team Leader on any deficiencies and medical logistical requirements in a

timely fashion,

 Ensure both Ambulances are fully prepared for use (O2 bottles fully charged / All drugs up to date)

3. Provide medical assistance on the current mine and ERW clearance operations at HI

designated sites

 Ensure that HI Medical protocols are respected during the clearance operations.

 At any time be prepared to assist with medical evacuation as necessary

 In case of accident prioritize all relevant lifesaving treatments that casualty requires to maintain


 Under the direction of the Multi Task Team Leader, maintain appropriate medical staff records as

per HI procedures

 Ensure that the medical evacuation plan for a clearance task is understood, maintained and

updated as appropriate, in cooperation with the medical coordinator.

 Responsible along with the medical coordinator, for the coordination between HI and external

medical facilities.

 Check the evacuation road at least once a week to verify no road work’s or road closures, that will

impair the planned Casevac on that road,

 Any other duties as required by the Medical Coordinator ensuring high standards of hygiene, clean

accommodation areas/working areas, welfare of the staff and sustaining high performance medical

preventative measures of all staff for the duration of the project,

4. Ensure proper filing and reporting of operational data

 Assure the filing and archiving of everyday medical documents for its team.

 Ensure the availability and the proper use of HI forms

 Ensure that loss and damage reports are filled out for lost or damaged equipment as necessary and

report to the team leader and to the chief medic

5. Ensure the good use and maintenance of HI resources and a proper behavior with colleagues

in respect of internal regulations and log-admin procedures

 Respect welfare and discipline, act as a model in terms of attitude, work ethic and general


 Agree and fit with HI ethical, policies and principles

 Respect working time and days as well as any other HI rules

Ref: HIIQ-DYL – MDC-95


• Qualified medic school and confirmed by IKMAA

• Excellent Arabic and Kurdish

• Spoken and written English


• Knowledge and experienced in drawing plans.

• Good medical recognition knowledge

• A minimum of 6 months’ work experience in a similar position is a positive point

• A demonstrated knowledge and experience of UXO Medic Ops is a positive point

• Able to handle confidential and sensitive information

• Excellent organizational skills

• Excellent communication skills

• Able to live and work in isolated and adverse conditions.

• Good interpersonal skills, demonstrating tact and diplomacy.

• Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills

• A demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards and humanitarian values


The working hours are the following:

Sunday until Thursday, from 0630 AM to 1500 PM with 30 minutes lunch break.

The employee could be exceptionally requested to work on Friday or Saturday. In that case a day off would

be planned between Sunday and Thursday during the previous or following week.

Ref: HIIQ-DYL – MDC-95

Note that working time can go up to 48 hours per week if it is required by the volume of activities and

requested by the supervisor or Chief of Operations. In that case the overtime will be considered as

recovery time to be planned by the supervisor in the following days.


Base: Diyala

Line Manager: Multi Task Team Leader

Head of Department: Chief of Operations

Management responsibility: No


Through their position, the employee could have access to confidential information. Breaches of

confidentiality will be considered as a disciplinary fault and be sanctioned appropriately.


All the organisation’s employees must take good care of the materials entrusted to them, and must

maintain those materials in such a way as to protect them from improper use or misuse.

Any breach of the Internal Regulation or of Terms and Conditions of Engagement may be sanctioned by a

written warning or immediate dismissal if appropriate.

How to apply:

Handicap International is an equal opportunity employer and particularly welcomes applications from

Interested candidates may please send their resume with cover letter so as to reach on or before

persons with disabilities


Only applications completed in accordance with the following instructions will be

taken into consideration. The others will be rejected automatically.

Mentioning clearly in the subject line of your e-mail the reference:

Your application will not be taken into consideration if this information is omitted from the

Ref: HIIQ-DYL – MDC-95

subject line of your e-mail.


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

Only candidates can apply for this job.
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