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Handicap International is an independent and impartial international aid organization working in

situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. Working alongside persons with disabilities and

other vulnerable groups, our action and testimony are focused on responding to their essential needs,

improving their living conditions and promoting respect for their dignity and their fundamental rights.

Handicap International is a not-for-profit organization with no religious or political affiliation. It operates

as a federation made up of a network of associations that provide it with human and financial resources,

manage its projects and implement its actions and social mission.

Through its Emergency Response Department (ERD), created in 2006 after the merge with Atlas

Logistique, the organization is committed to:

 Provide an adequate response to major natural disaster and conflict situations, anywhere in the

world as much as possible within 72 hours;

 Provide assistance to vulnerable groups (refugees, IDPs, persons with injuries, elders, children, etc.)

affected by a crisis and maximize the number of beneficiaries. Within vulnerable groups, target

especially PwD and meet their specific needs;

 Constantly monitor chronic crises and/or conflicts to ensure preparedness for and rapid response

to eventual emerging needs.

Directly linked to the Emergency Response Department of Handicap International France, the employee

will be mandated for the following mission:


Under the direct supervision of the Field Coordinator, the Logistics Officer is responsible for the

qualitative, quantitative and timely frame follow up of all logistics component. He is one of the guarantors

for implementing and respecting HI logistics procedures at base level.


1. Supply chain and procurement (according to HI’s procurement procedures)

1.1.Identify and purchase to suppliers for all kind of markets related to HI’s activities and needs and

Logistics Officer


Sunday-Thursday, from 8.00 AM to 16:30 PM

20/7/ 2016

31 /7/ 2016

select the most interesting suppliers through information gathered from previous purchases,

program teams, other NGOs.

1.2.Take part in the analysis of the local purchasing environment

1.3.Identify the procurement procedure for each request according to HI’s internal rules

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1.4.Collect/draft all necessary documents (Excel and Word), print and gather them as a consistent

procurement file and coordinate with the Field coordinator & Admin Officer for validation and


1.5.Follow up purchases from request to payment and delivery and update Purchase Follow-up

1.6.Guarantee the quality and quantity of the purchased items according to the requester’s

1.7.Archive and centralize procurement files in dedicated folders when they are complete, scan

1.8.Ensure that the format and information on quotes and invoices comply with regulations

1.9.Ensure compliance with administrative procedures for the management of advances and payment

1.10. Identify suppliers, and collect quotations, negotiate good prices and conditions etc. according

1.11. Deliver goods to logistics department upon return and give feedback to Field coordinator and

specifications and personal knowledge

documents and archive digital versions on computer

of suppliers

to HI needs in the (operation, office, guest house)

other departments regarding purchased done and pending ones

2. Fleet Management

2.1.Ensure that drivers comply with HI Fleet rules and procedures.

2.2.Ensure the proper management of the daily fleet of Kirkuk Office in collaboration with the Logistic

2.3.Design with the Logistic Assistant the weekly movement planning and submit to Field Coordinator

2.4.Make sure that the fleet is able to meet the needs of projects and respects security procedures

2.5.Make sure that each HI vehicle is equipped with the necessary items and documents (insurance,

2.6.Check the vehicle log books are in place and are properly used,

2.7.Ensure the Logistic Assistant follows the daily and weekly checks consistently,

2.8.Report to Field Coordinator any vehicle maintenance planned and/or unplanned

2.9.Participate to the market for service providers (car rental companies, taxis)

3. Staff management

3.1.Participate in the hiring process for drivers in accordance with HI recruitment policy

3.2.Manage the Logistic Assistant and ensure he properly managed its team (drivers, housekeeper,

3.3.Ensure a smooth supervision of the drivers in Kirkuk according to HR policies and Internal

3.4.Participate with the Liaison & Security Manager in the continuous general training (security &

3.5.Solve team conflicts, if any, and ensure team building.

3.6.Consult the Field Coordinator for any major problem raised or caused by a driver

3.7.Conduct appraisals for the drivers according to HI HR standard policy.

4. Office and Guesthouse management

4.1.Ensure that Office and Guesthouse got what is needed to ensure welfare of users,

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Assistant: trip requests, daily dispatch, anticipate gaps and leaves of drivers. etc.

for validation every Thursday noon.

first aid kit, etc.)


Regulation (weekly meetings, motivation of the team…etc.).

safety guidelines of its teams and regularly test their knowledge and identify specifics trainings


4.2.Identify basics and running items to purchase for the enhancement of wellbeing

4.3.Supervise and organize the needed maintenance actions reported by users in guesthouses and

4.4.Provide the offices and guesthouses with the needed items and supplies to be clean all the time,

4.5.Be able to make small work or reparation in Office and Guest House for general tasks / find

4.6.Plan the request in advance for all welfare stock material needs in offices and accommodations,

4.7.Inventory set up/follow up of the premises and offices in terms of welfare and sanitary

5. Stock Management

5.1.Ensure the respect of HI stock management procedure (stock cards, inputs/outputs, etc.)

5.2.Define the human and material needs to ensure reception, storage and release of goods,

5.3.Ensure a good and proper state of the warehouse (cleanliness, organization..)

5.4.Ensure the security of the warehouse and suggest to Log Manager any upgrading standards to

5.5.Ensure the physical inventory of the stock in Kirkuk

6. Reporting and Analysis

6.1.Provide the line manager a weekly activity report and forecast related to the weekly objectives

6.2.Edit the weekly meeting minutes to his/her line manager, when requested

6.3.Report achievements and difficulties and give suggestions to improve procurement process

6.4.Complete the vehicle follow up document every month

6.5.Request meetings with the logistics or program teams when necessary

7. Security follow up & information sharing

7.1.Keep being aware of the security situation in the area of activity of the mission and the region in

offices for direct action,

contractor able to deal with specific tasks (plumber, electrician) when needed.


improve the stock set up (smoke detector, extinguisher, signalization, path ways etc..)

achieved every Sunday morning (past week).

7.2.Report any incident inside or outside the base and working area to the Field Coordinator and the

7.3.Ensure the security and safety of car in terms of equipment and needed documentation (up to date

which it is located and transmits this information to directly to the Field Coordinator and the

Liaison & Security Manager

Liaison & Security Manager

driving license, insurance, mission order etc.

Required profile

Education: BA in logistics is a plus

Languages: Fluent in English, Kurdish. Very good knowledge of Arabic. Turkmen is a plus.

Experience: Previous relevant experience in a logistic function and preferably in an NGO

Other/General: Proactive and able to manage a team

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The working hours are the following:

Sunday till Thursday, from 8.00 AM to 16.30 PM with 30 minutes lunch break. The work duration is fixed

but the working hours can vary according to the planning of activities.


Base: Kirkuk

Line Manager: Field Coordinator

Management: Logistic Assistant, Drivers

Operational link: Admin Officer, Logistic coordination

How to apply:

Handicap International is an equal opportunity employer and particularly welcomes applications from persons

Interested candidates may please send their resume with cover letter so as to reach on or before:

Only applications completed in accordance with the following instructions will be taken into consideration. The

with disabilities

31/7/2016 at 05:00 pm (last date for receiving candidatures)

Mentioning clearly in the subject line of your e-mail the reference:

Your application will not be taken into consideration if this information is omitted from the

others will be rejected automatically.


subject line of your e-mail.



Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

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