Logistic Assistant

Job description

Under the supervision of the Country Logistics Manager, the Logistic Assistant (purchaser), is in charge of all procurement follow up, documentation, filing and delivery.


Qualifications & Preferred Skills

  1. Procurements:

The Logistic assistant (Purchaser) is in charge of procurements for ACTED in Iraq and his key responsibilities listed but not limited below:

  • To receive Order form – cross check the items and ensure the OF filled with clear descriptions, delivery timeline, delivery location as well as the budget has validated by Finance;
  • To ensure to respect ACTED procurement procedures for each purchase
  • To find and Prepare the list of successful suppliers in both Capital Office and Area offices;
  • To ensure fair and transparent selection of suppliers in each procurement;
  • To follow Tender process from Call on newspaper to selection of suppliers to contract signature
  • To prepare procurement memo, contracts, purchase orders based on fair and transparent negotiation with suppliers/contractors;
  • To follow with Finance on weekly basis (each Thursday afternoon) contract follow up (CFU) to ensure all procurement contracts under scenario (C, D and E) is registered and recorded.


  1. Delivery Follow up
  • To ensure all procurement has been followed by delivery follow up (waybills, reception vouchers and packing list).
  • To follow with field to send the signed waybill, reception vouchers and packing list after delivery IMMEDIATELY.
  • To attach and file each delivery forms (waybill, reception voucher and packing list) with each relevant purchase documents in designated folder.
  • To ensure the received quantity in the waybill(s) corresponds with the purchase documents and Order Form (OF)


  1. Filing

3.1.            Logistic Folders:

  • To create and update regularly the procurement folders for each ongoing programs based on purchase scenarios  (e.g. 1 folder for all Scenario A and B and one folder for all Scenario C,  D and E)
  • To create and or update the Order form follow up folders (open order form to be placed in this folder)
  • To update the procurement folders regularly and ensure that all procurement documents are collected with high attention on transparency and ACTED FLAT guidelines


3.2.            FLAT Folder (logistic contributions):

  • To provide all scenario “C”, “D” and “E” purchase documents original copies to FLAT focal point immediately after signing the contract with selected supplier(s)
  • To provide delivery documents for Scenario “C”,”D” and “E”(delivery follow ups, waybills, reception vouchers or packing list) for each delivered contract to FLAT focal point immediately after delivery completion;
  • Meet on weekly basis with FLAT focal point in Capital office to review the CFU and handover the FLAT/logistic documents as per CFU;
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