Hygiene Promotion Assistant

Job description

Being directly responsible for the implementation of hygiene promotion activities of Save The Children in the targeted communities in Kirkuk. The post is specificallyoriented towards the WASH emergency response in the context of the Iraqi IDP’s crisis, andspecial attention will be made on the integration of the WASH sector in other core sector of Save The Children such as nutrition, food security, health, education and child protection. 

Need Assessment:

  • Participate in the initial needs assessment in the targeted communities: Carry out individual interviews at household level, focus group discussions, visits to all water & sanitation infrastructure sites, and meeting with key members of community.

Program design and implementation:

  • Setting up and follow-up of hygiene promotion activities such as.
  1. Conducting hygiene promotion sessions in the targeted community.
  2. Identification, training and follow-up of activities of community hygiene promotion volunteers.
  3. Training of Trainers in hygiene promotion to WASH committee members, hygiene volunteers, teachers, health workers etc.
  4. Setting up of children hygiene clubs and hygiene promotion in schools.
  5. Organizing and supervision of cleaning campaign.
  6. Ensuring maximum utilization of water and sanitation facilities.
  • Ensure community mobilization on all WASH sector related issues.
  • Organize & supervise the distribution of hygiene, cleaning and water treatment kit for health centers, schools and at HH level.
  • Develop and  communicate  techniques  for  house  hold  water treatment in the target communities.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning:

  • Ensure that the hygiene promotion activities are designed based on the quality standards established by Save the Children through quality checklists.
  • Participate in the implementation of KAP (Knowledge, Attitude and Practice) and initial and final PDM (Post Distribution Monitoring) for kits distributed).
  • Weekly collection and reporting of data necessary for the consolidation of project and strategic standard indicators (number of beneficiaries, number and type of activity performed, results of water analyzes performed …).
  • Monitoring of hygiene promotion activities realized by local partners of Save the Children such as the local NGOs, and participate in building their capacity.


  • Weekly (or each time necessary) written and oral report for line manager.
  • Integration, coordinations and transversal aspects.
  • Work with  other  team  members  of  save  the  children  (WASH  and CP,  Education,  FSL)working in the same communities, to ensure the integration and complementarity of the different sector of the intervention.
  • Ensure the inclusion of gender, child protection, HIV, environment and other crosscutting issues to the design, implementation and development of WASH activities, and ensure that activities take into account the needs of specific groups and individuals, especially children, elderly and disabled people.

Qualifications & Preferred Skills

  • Professional experience of 1 years minimum, among which 1 in a field related to public health, hygiene promotion,communication, behavior change and conducting trainings etc.
  • Excellent facilitation skills.
  • Ability to listen and adopt.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Perfect knowledge of local languages.
  • Iraqi Nationality.


  • Experience in NGO sector.
  • Fluent Oral and written English, Kurdish and Arabic languages are desirable.
  • Computer illiterate, knowledge of Excel, Word and power point.
Only candidates can apply for this job.


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