HEAD OF BASE/ Project Manager

Job description

The Head of Base is responsible for the proper functioning of the project site, and proper implementation of programs developed on that site and implementation of project under grants as PM.

  • Safety: He/She is responsible of the safety of the site.
  • Programs: He/She coordinates the teams, and ensures proper implementation of programs on the site, under the supervision of his/her immediate supervisor.
  • Human Resources: He/She supervises all of the teams at the site, as well as national staff
  • Logistical, administrative and financial support: He/She oversees the logistical, administrative and financial components at the site for the purpose of program implementation, and ensures compliance with the relevant procedures, with substantive support from the Logistics Coordinator (LOGC), and the Administrative and Financial Coordinator (AFC) of the mission.
  • Representation: He/She represents the organization before the partners, authorities, and various local actors operating in the area where his/her base is located.
  • Coordination: He/She centralizes and disseminates information from/to the site, and consolidates the internal and external reporting activities implemented in his/her field of operations before submitting them to the immediate supervisor.
  • Assessment/ Strategy: He/She participates in strategy development and proposes new interventions in function of needs identified in his/her field of operations.

Specific Goals and Related Activities


  •  He/She ensures that the safety plan for the site is up-to-date, and that everyone knows and understands it (both expatriates and locals).
  • He/She ensures data collection relative to the safety on his/her field of operations, provides analyses, and disseminates them to his/her immediate supervisor regularly or on an ad-hoc basis if urgent.
  • He/She verifies that the material and human resource means at his/her disposal are adequate to ensure the optimal safety of teams, materials and beneficiaries.
  • He/She alerts his/her immediate supervisor without delay in case of impending danger of teams or beneficiaries.
  • In the event of a security incident, (regardless of whether it took place or was avoided), he/she ensures that the information is transmitted to his/her immediate supervisor without delay, and reported upon in accordance with PU-AMI guidelines.



  •  He/She ensures the smooth running of ongoing programs on the site (meeting of objectives, respecting time-lines, budgetary monitoring, contractual reporting…) and reports to his/her immediate supervisor.
  • He/She sets up a formal coordination system, directs it in the field (meetings, written reports…), and reports to his/her immediate supervisor.
  • He/She ensures proper filing of all documents produced in the context of the project(s), and ensures the availability of the verification sources mentioned in the proposals.
  • He/She proposes new interventions and discusses them with his/her immediate supervisor.
  • He/She is involved in identifying needs on the basis of agreed TOR (Terms of Reference) and with endorsement from his/her immediate supervisor.
  • When defining new operational activities, he/she coordinates the work of the relevant technical departments and of the administrative and logistical support teams, with a view to preparing project proposals that are complete, and in line with the donors’ formats and internal rules of PU-AMI’.
  • He/She participates in the Strategy development exercise of the mission.


  • He/She supervises all national  teams on the site.
  • He/She participates in the hiring process, as well as in any decision related to the termination of employment contracts of local personnel on the site
  • He/She ensures compliance with the Internal Rules of Procedure of PU-AMI on the site.
  • He/She is in charge of administrative management of local personnel, in particular, payroll operations, monitoring absences, constructing, updating and archiving administrative files of personnel.
  • He/She makes sure that all local employees are subject to a written evaluation at least once per contract period and per year.
  • He/She assumes or delegates responsibility for the integration of any new employee on the site, and ensures, in particular, that the context of program implementation, safety rules, logistical, administrative, HR and financial procedures, as well as procedures for the use of communication and transportation are explained and understood.
  • He/She completes training programs for local staff (organizational support, methodology, technical support as the case may be organization of training sessions…).
  • He/She drafts or delegates responsibility for the drafting of job profiles for national staff about to be replaced or hired and sends them for endorsement to his/her immediate supervisor.
  • He/She prepares the job profiles of local staff under his/her immediate supervision, endorses job profiles of local staff drafted by the Technical Managers at his/her site, and forwards them for endorsement to the AFC, and to any other potentially relevant party, (depending on the position).
  • He/She constructs the organizational chart of the base, and has it endorsed by his/her immediate supervisor and the AFC.
  • He/She handles the management of interpersonal conflicts that arise on his/her site, and refers the matter to his/her immediate supervisor in the event that he/she is not able to resolve dispute.
  • He/She is the guardian of the image of PU-AMI in his/her area of operation, and in that capacity ensures that the entire staff under his/her authority displays behavior consistent with the values upheld by the organization, and with full respect for the local culture.


  •  He/She ensures that the needs of the site are met (support, programming) and makes the needs known to the ACF each month, while making sure that all donor and internal procedures are respected, and that commitments are in line with available budgets
  • He/She ensures that the site is equipped with the minimum of infrastructure (offices and housing) necessary for execution of the work and accommodation of teams, in optimal conditions of safety.
  • He/She oversees the vehicle fleet, and more globally ensures its proper functioning, as well as the maintenance of all equipment belonging to the site.
  • He/She ensures adequate storage arrangements for all property and equipment.
  • He/She ensures proper delivery of all purchases planned for the operational sites.
  • He/She prepares and updates the inventory of supplies and equipment for the site, and submits it to the LOGC.
  • He/She is responsible for cost optimization; and uses budget tracking to achieve this; he/she ensures adequate financial resources for the running of the site.
  • As regards budgetary monitoring, he/she participates in team-based analysis (along with technical, administrative and logistics management) and is responsible for detecting anomalies and proposing adjustments to his/her immediate supervisor and to the AFC.
  • He/She ensures that accounting entries are completed in compliance with internal rules, and communicated to the AFC according to the agreed calendar.
  • Together with the AFC, he/she tracks the cash flow for his/her site, and oversees disbursements.
  • Together with the AFC, he/she ensures that a system of internal oversight is in place at the site. He/She ensures compliance with procedures for undertaking expenditure commitments, and participates in the process of endorsing purchase orders.
  • He/She is the guardian of the bookkeeping, and in that capacity makes sure that cash balances and bank accounts are absolutely and permanently backed up by appropriate accounting documents.


  • He/She represents the association before local actors, whether they are official or not, and ensures that good relations are maintained with each of them in compliance with PU-AMI’s principles of neutrality and independence.
  • He/She attends main coordination meetings when they take place, and participates actively.
  • In the event of visits from Donors, he/she participates in the organization and implementation of the visit.


  •  He/She is responsible for writing donor reports for programs implemented on his/her site; reports which are wholly or partly drafted by him/her (involving consolidation of technical sections drafted by the technical managers and/or resource persons on his/her site).
  • He/She sends the internal and external reports to his/her immediate supervisor while meeting the internal deadlines for endorsement (Situation Report, incident report) and external contractual deadlines (project reports).
  • He/She organizes the two-way dissemination of information: from the site to the field coordination and from the field coordination to the site (regular and ad-hoc Situation reporting).
  • He/She attends internal coordination meetings and participates actively.

Focus on 3 priority activities relating to the context of the mission

  • Establishing new office/guest house according to supervisor recommendation
  • Operationalization of MHT team in Anbar and smooth implementation of project in Anbar and Baghdad
  • Writing proposals for new activities for Anbar governorate with supervisor cooperation

Qualifications & Preferred Skills

Knowledge and skills

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Project Management skills
  • Team Management


  • French
  • English
  • Other (specify)


  • Pack Office
  • Other (specify)


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