Fleet and Equipment Officer

Job description

Objective 1: Drivers & Fleet Management

  • Follow vehicle rental contracts
  • Establish vehicle movement schedules
  • Manage drivers and vehicles’ fleet
  • Ensure that safety equipment is available on board of all vehicles
  • Permanently ensure that all drivers have received general training and carry out regular testing
  • Ensure that drivers are aware and respect safety rules and procedures
  • Check that vehicle log books are in place and are used correctly
  • Ensure that fuel consumption and vehicle mileage are monitored, consolidated, analysed and recorded
  • Ensure that all vehicles have accompanying administrative documents and that these are correctly filed and monitored
  • Organise, follow and provide documents for transportations of materials to programmes and bases

Objective 2: Equipment/Telecommunications Management

  • Update inventory in real time
  • Optimize distribution of materials according to task needs
  • Organize the installation, safe-guarding and monitoring of materials 

Objective 3: Management and Monitoring of IT Equipment

  • Update antivirus software
  • Set-up a local network and ensure its proper use
  • Implement backup and data-protection procedures
  • Ensure the maintenance and correct use of IT equipment
  • Provide technical assistance to teams and organize training sessions

Objective 4: Security

  • Implement team safety measures as determined by the coordination team
  • Support teams in safety rules and procedures
  • Pass on any security-related information to his/her line manager

Objective 5: Supplies Management

  • Select storage locations and create a plan for the development and security of these sites
  • Ensure material is stored under suitable conditions and monitor expiration dates
  • Ensure procedures are followed as stock is checked in and out
  • See that all documentation linked to stock is complete and correct
  • Supervise monthly physical stock inventory


Objective 6: Maintenance of the office and the guesthouse

  • Carry out all minor works /repairs for the office and the guesthouse
  • Supervise and monitor the progress of rehabilitation & construction

Objective 7: Participate in market survey and purchase process

  • Participate in updating suppliers and price list
  • Participate in following market prices
  • Participate in assessing new supplier
  • Participate in performing  quotations with suppliers

Qualifications & Preferred Skills

  • University degree in related fields, and/or equivalent professional experience
  • Professional experience within an NGO would be a plus
  • Technical knowledge in the related field (mechanic, IT, maintenance, supply chain…)
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and to be flexible
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Good sense of responsibility
  • Energetic, proactive, flexible and good team player
  • Strongly motivated by humanitarian work


  • Mandatory: Fluency in written and spoken Arabic and Kurdish. Very good communication skills in English.
Only candidates can apply for this job.


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