Job description

  • Organise and carry out care and treatments according to doctor’s prescription and internationally recognized and standardized protocols like MSF protocols which have been approved/ agreed with the management of the hospital.
  • Observe that nursing care and treatment is carried out in accordance with instructions and identify staff development needs. Organize training sessions for nursing staff with the help of Expat Nurse.
  • Apply and advocate for aspects of patient based approach, including patient confidentiality and privacy, pain control, providing informed consent and explanation to patient/care takers
  • Assist in implementing changes made by MSF team, including trauma room and restocking of crash trolley
  • Inspect rooms and wards for cleanliness and comfort and encourage that relevant staff have performed safety checks of bed areas.
  • Ensure the surveillance of the patient, monitor vital signs and inform the doctor if the condition is worsening.
  • Monitor that the use of diagnostic services are correct and ensure an effective use of resources.
  • In case of emergency, carry out first aid treatment and to assist in patient flow management to prevent overcrowding
  • Promote aseptic rules and medical hygiene, including hand disinfection and correct waste management.
  • Assist Nurse Supervisor in HR related tasks such as managing rosters and allocate staff to relevant areas
  • Follow hospital or MSF guidelines for controlled drugs

Trauma bay:

  • Work in collaboration with doctors and nursing teams
  • Ensure that patients arriving to the trauma bay receive immediate medical care
  • Participate if needed in resuscitation efforts for patients in the trauma bay, according to international protocols including ACLS and ATLS.
  • Be ready to take the leading role in the resuscitation efforts if needed, or coordinate with the person in the leading position

Trauma Stabilisation Post (TSP):

  • Able to work in a Trauma Stabilisation Post established by MSF, which will be located at entry points close to frontlines during Hawija offensive
  • Able to work in 12 hour shifts and overnight shifts in TSP
  • Provide first aid and stabilization of patients
  • Apply ATLS and other international guidelines provided by MSF during acute patient management
  • Ensure that staff in TSP correctly follows a triage system to identify patients who need prioritized management
  • Assist or coordinate a Mass Casualty response in case of mass influx of war wounded

Qualifications & Preferred Skills

  • Nurse degree/diploma recognised by National Authorities
  • Fluent in English
  • Planning capabilities, organizational skills, problem solving
  • Advanced use of MS office (Excel, Word, Power Point)
  • Management skills, delegation skills
  • Team player
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