Emergency Response Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) Medical Doctor

Job description

The Emergency Response Medical Doctor will deliver life-saving essential primary health care to conflict affected populations of Ninewa and Duhok Governorates as part of the Emergency Response Mobile Medical Unit.

  • Uphold the humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and independence
  • Respect the Medair values at all times, both within and outside of working hours
  • Know, understand, and comply with Medair internal policies and procedures
  • Adhere to Medair Nationally Recruited Staff (NRS) Handbook and regulations
  • Be prepared to work in Ninewa and Duhok Governorate and to relocate at short notice
  • Work closely with all members of the ER health team to provide the highest possible quality of care
  • Treat all patients and their relatives with respect and dignity
  • Maintain confidentiality for all patients

Specific responsibilities

Curative Health Care:

  • Provide consultations for all patients attending mobile clinic with appropriate investigations, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses based on Iraqi or International guidelines.
  • Order and interpret appropriate laboratory tests as needed.
  • Prescribe appropriate medications as per guidelines, ensuring patients understand instructions for dose and correct use.
  • Identify all patients requiring secondary care and refer appropriately according to clinic protocol.
  • Identify all patients requiring emergency care, stabilise condition and refer according to clinic protocols.
  • Perform wound care and appropriate minor procedures as per training received and following strict sterile techniques.
  • Maintain high levels of hygiene at all times observing universal precautions.
  •   Identify all children and women requiring immunisations and refer appropriately as per clinic guidelines.
  • Provide Family planning services for women including education, advice, prescription of appropriate method and follow up care.
  • Provide antenatal care for pregnant women according to Iraqi and international guidelines.
  • Provide postnatal care and follow-up for women according to Iraqi and international guidelines.
  • Provide neonatal care for new-borns according to Iraqi and international guidelines.
  • Provide patients with education on prevention of illness, proper nutrition, and good hygiene practices.

Qualifications & Preferred Skills

Work experience

At least three years of post-qualification work experience in relevant field


Strong working knowledge of Kurdish/Arabic and English (spoken and written)

Team building

Team player with good interpersonal skills Experience of working in a diverse team with different cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs

Management and Leadership

Able to take initiative without constant direction Ability to encourage and motivate others

Technical expertise

Good communication and interpersonal skills Good time management and organisational skills Thorough knowledge of common acute and chronic disease processes, communicable diseases, management and treatment Working knowledge of locally significant outbreak prone diseases

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