Emergency Response Driver



·         Uphold the humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and independence

·         Respect the Medair values at all times, both within and outside of working hours

·         Know, understand, and comply with Medair internal policies and procedures

·         Adhere to Medair Nationally Recruited Staff (NRS) regulations

·         Be prepared to work in Kirkuk and Salah-al-Din Governorates and to relocate at short notice

·         Work closely with all members of the ER health team to ensure the safety and security of staff

·         Treat all beneficiaries, patients and their relatives with respect and dignity


Specific Responsibilities


Communication and coordination


·         Understand that you are a public face of Medair and must behave appropriately at all times

·         Be familiar with Medair projects and values and be ready to communicate about Medair to the public

·         Attend and participate in weekly staff meetings and trainings as required



·         Know and adhere to Medair standard operating procedures and contingency plans

·         Monitor the security situation at field sites

·         Report any security concerns to the Medair Security Focal Point immediately

·         Report any security incidents and/or near misses to the Medair Security Focal Point immediately

·         Ensure that passengers adhere to SOPs and CPs

·         Ensure that passengers wear seat belts and your vehicle is locked at all times

·         Engage with security personnel at check points, being polite and clear about the purpose of the journey

·         Maintain regular contact with Medair tracking team using mobile phone and sat-phone if necessary

·         Check communication equipment on a daily basis and report any problems to your line manager

·         Ensure that the vehicle is in sight when parked and never leave vehicle unattended

·         Be ready to pack the vehicle and leave a project site at short notice

·         Coordinate with the Medair Security Focal Point before a journey to ensure that there are no safety concerns

·         Maintain situational awareness at all times, while driving and while at project sites

·         Only use authorised routes to and from project sites

Driving and vehicle care


·         Transport staff members to field sites in Kirkuk and Salah-al-Din Governorates

·         Comply with national driving regulations

·         Carry your driving license and vehicle documents in the vehicle at all times

·         Conduct daily and weekly vehicle checks in accordance with Medair fleet manual

·         Wash your vehicle on a regular basis, including the interior

·         Alert your line manager when the vehicle is due for maintenance or in need of repair

·         Be present during maintenance and repairs at the workshop

·         Load and unload the vehicle as required

·         Assess weather and road conditions before travel and advise your line manager if it is not safe to drive

·         Complete the vehicle movement log book and submit completed sheets to line manager

·         Ensure that all non-Medair passengers sign a waiver form before travel

·         Respond to passenger requests to slow down or adjust your driving style where there is no danger to do so

·         Remain alert at all times

·         Refuel the vehicle on a regular basis in accordance with SOP

WORK CONDITIONS Position will be based in the Medair Kirkuk Office, with daily field trips outside the city/town, within Kirkuk and Salah-al-Din Governorates.

Working hours will be 08:00 to 16:30 with 30 minutes for lunch.

SALARY According to Medair standard salary scale





Vocational qualification

Valid driving license

Certificate in advance driving skills

Work experience

At least 4 years driving experience

One year relevant post-qualification professional experience

Previous experience working as a driver for a private company or an NGO


Fluent Arabic and Kurdish

Fluent spoken and written English

IT & Communications

Competent mobile phone user

Previous use of satellite phone







Passionate about serving those in need, no matter the ethnic background

Self-motivated and enthusiastic

Desire to learn new skills and different approaches to situations

Team building

Team player with good interpersonal skills

Willingness to support others and share the workload

Experience of working in a diverse team with different cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs


Willing and able to work under pressure, in challenging situations, with security risks, and to manage personal stress levels

Ready to work in Kirkuk and Salah-al-Din Governorates

Willingness to be stretched professionally and personally

Technical expertise

Able to drive both manual and automatic transmission vehicles

Good geographical knowledge of Kirkuk and Salah-al-Din Governorates

Able to maintain vehicle logs

Able to use GPS

Able to read map

Management and Leadership

Able to take responsibility for passengers whilst in Medair vehicle

Ability to work within hostile environments and deal with conflict

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