Job description

Under the supervision of the Logistic department, the Driver is responsible for Transportation of ACTED staff and use of vehicle and other assets given to him appropriately.

Qualifications & Preferred Skills

The Driver has to:

  • Report immediately any technical failure of vehicle to Transport focal point in Logistic department;
  • Keep  the vehicle clean and always in good condition;
  • Undertake a  check and control of the vehicle on daily basis before start the engine;
  • Update regularly the log-book for each trip (km start – km stop – hour departure time – hour arrival to destination, etc.) ; Keep your logbook clean and without many written error/mistakes;
  • Report any defect of vehicle to the Logistic Officer without delays;
  • Take care the safety and security of the passengers and make sure the seat belts are fasten both driver and passenger(s) while seated;
  • Keep the speed limit of 40 km/h in cities and 100 km/h while out of cities on highways; respects traffic speed limits/rules while driving inside cities.
  • Check regularly the “first aid kits” and fire extinguishers inside the vehicle and report any problem to line manager;
  • Load and unload the vehicle; properly and place items inside vehicle with care and safety measurement;
  • Check and take care the tools, the tool-box and other materials of the vehicle;
  • Check the spare tire of the vehicle is in good condition and not FLAT;
  • Check the fuel delivered and the fuel consumption;
  • If on long mission, ensure to have enough fuel, additional spare tires and tools
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