Job description 

The caretaker is responsible for

  •  Carrying technical or other jobs in the premises, or performing tasks related to mail and incoming/outgoing goods
  •  Smooth and timely performance of the assigned tasks
  • Assisting other colleagues as needed in the office if there are no caretaker tasks pending, carries out other office work on request

The caretaker performs the following tasks:
1. Technical facility management
The caretaker

  •  Handles repair, maintenance and service of GIZ office areas, extensions (e.g. bicycle stands, garages) and systems (lighting, electricity, water, heating) on his/her own, as far as possible
  • reports damage (s)he is unable to deal with independently and contacts an external service provider (electrician etc.) to repair and maintain office buildings and extensions (e.g. bicycle stands, garages) and systems (electricity, water, heating)
  • Helps conserve energy by acting in an environmentally friendly manner, and points out additional scope in this regard
  • Sets up and prepares the conference rooms as instructed
  • Supplies the offices with hot and cold beverages and other catering services
  • Provides services at meetings, e.g. serves coffee and tea for guests and visitors
  • Reports if stocks, e.g. of beverages are low, and need to be replaced

2. Site management
The caretaker

  • Provides relocation services by erecting or dismantling and transporting furniture and assembling Metaplan boards, notice boards, calendars, wiring for desks (to promote health and safety), supporting and planning remodelling and renovation work
  • Mounts door and name plates
  • Carries out repairs to office equipment
  • Maintains GIZ lawns and planters by planting and/or reporting
  • Maintains and repairs the (technical) equipment for site management

3. Stock Management
The caretaker

  • Set and manage the stock on a daily and weekly basis
  • Deal with all stock queries for the GIZ Office
  • Write and keep accurate reports on stock performance
  • Monitor and measure stock forecasts
  • Review forecasts, allocations and demand planning procedures to ensure we achieve our order

4. Other duties/additional tasks
The caretaker

  • Represent the Receptionist when absent
  • Performs other duties and tasks at the request of management

Qualifications & Preferred Skills

  •  Preferable university degree in finance or related field
    Professional experience
  • At least 3 years’ professional experience in a comparable position
  •  good knowledge of the European language widely used in the country, ideally a knowledge of German
  • Physical strength and resilience
  • Willingness to upskill as required by the tasks to be performed – corresponding measures are agreed with the management
Only candidates can apply for this job.
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