Logistics Supply Assistant

Job description

  • Ensure a professional logistical activity and follow-up according to HI procedure in Procurement, Stock Management, Transportation and Supplier relationship.
  • Be the focal point for Programs and Support team in terms of supplies.
  • In line with his/her line manager, prioritize and ensure the supplies for programs and support team.

Responsibilities and task description

1. Ensure professional logistical activity:

1.1 Ensure a good application of HI supply procedures:

1.1.1 Perform on a daily basis the processes (quotations request/collection, purchases, transit stock management…).

1.1.2 Ensure that supplies comply with HI supply procedures.

1.1.3 Maintain good communication lines within the logistics department, support teams, programs teams, coordination and retain good coordination with all parties.

1.1.4 Report, Audit and Administer Perform daily printing, scanning and auditing of files. Edit in collaboration with your line manager a weekly activity report and forecast (Procurement, Stock, PFU / TSA…).

1.2 Ensure the management of purchases:

1.2.1 Apply HI procedures to all purchases of items/services done.

1.2.2 Ensure the collected documents are compliant with HI procedures: supplier stamp, signature…etc.

1.2.3 Identify suppliers, collect all the necessary information on them and request quotations if demanded by Line Manager.

1.2.4 Make sure to always consider value for money having in mind quality and sustainability of the goods.

1.2.5 Contribute in assessing the quality of the purchase in accordance with the technical advisors.

1.2.6 Check the merchandise purchased for quality and quantity, control the conformity of the goods upon supplier’s delivery and request technical validation by Programs Technical Advisor if any doubts.

1.2.7 Make sure that packing list and waybill for the items sent to HI projects are issued and properly used.

1.2.8 Transfer the goods to the applicant making sure reception is validated.

1.2.9 Contribute to the update of the PFU / TSA (purchases follow-up table and the one for equipment) on a daily basis.

1.2.10 Contribute to the update of the Contract Follow-up on a monthly basis.

1.2.11 Contribute to the update of the Procurement plan to the bases for each delivery.

1.2.12 Report any difficulty/issue with supplier to line manager.

1.2.13 Respect HI procedures in term of cash advance and cash management.

1.3 Ensure the management of the transit stock:

1.3.1 Apply HI procedures in stock management.

1.3.2 Maintain a good level of stock for logistics and programs related items.

1.3.3 Ensure a good management of the transit stock (Reception of the local freight, Check-up and classification of all delivery notes, communication with programs/support team for deliveries, …etc.)

1.3.4 Make sure the storage management procedures are respected (when it is the case): Stock items request, stock cards, Delivery Notes.

1.3.5 Communicate and transfer the goods to the applicant (delivery note)

1.3.6 Inform your line manager in case of any delay, problem in the supply chain management.

1.3.7 Contribute to check the correct storage, loading and offloading of goods.

2. Reporting and information

2.1 Keep documents in database updated and properly filed

2.2 Maintain network contact

2.3 Ensure the TSA updated on daily bases

2.4 Being responsible of the procurement file : ensure that the procurement file are properly filed, completed and respecting HI procedures

3. Maintain Security Level:

3.1 Keep aware of the security situation in the area of activity of the mission and the region in which it is located and transmits this information to your hierarchic superiors.

3.2 Report any incident inside or outside the base to his line manager.

3.3 Inform your Line manager any information that might affect security of the staff.

3.4 Provide immediate feedback in case of incident in and around our working area to your Line Manager.



The working hours are the following:

A minimum of 40 hours per week is expected of the staff. The working hours can vary due the nature of the emergency response implemented by the project

Note that working time can go up to 48 hours per week if it is required by the volume of activities and by the line manager.


Regarding this position, the employee can have access to confidential information. Breaches of confidentiality will be considered as a disciplinary fault and be sanctioned appropriately.

HI material:

All the organization’s employees must take good care of the materials entrusted to them, and must maintain those materials in such a way as to protect them from improper use or misuse.


Qualifications & Preferred Skills

  • Proficiency in English, Kurdish and Arabic mandatory (read, write and understand)
  • Dynamism, creativity and flexibility
  • Negotiation skills
  • Possibilities of evolution
Only candidates can apply for this job.


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