Wadi Association for Crisis Assistance and Cooperation


Wadi Association for Crisis Assistance and Cooperation


About Us

WADI has been supporting a variety of programs and projects for self-help and strengthening human and women’s rights in the Middle East for over 30 years. These include literacy programs, education and training for women, the fight against domestic violence, violence against children and campaigns against female genital mutilation. Our goal is always to strengthen self-organization, this is because we believe in giving people the tools they need to work on solving the problems of their communities. This point of view orients our approach to our projects for and with refugees, the protection of the environment, and the strengthening of free media.

What others say about our work during the last three decades:

“Wadi is one of the most enterprising and inventive NGOs we’ve encountered in Iraq. Wadi’s work is impressively varied, but also shrewdly focused.” (The Register)

“Wadi is a non-governmental organization that has a strong and an obvious effect in our society in finding solutions for women’s problems including support for domestic violence, awareness of the dangers of honor killing and advocacy for women’s rights.” (Development Now)

“With the work of our Member Wadi, in 2022 Halabja and Garmyan were declared free of FGM after fifteen years of intense campaigning!” (End FGM)

“Iraqi Kurds have lived through countless ups and downs in the past 30 years but WADI has encouraged a steady stream of Kurds of both sexes to learn the the joys and tears of participating in civil society.” (J. Randal)


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