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About Recart

In 2003, Director Lee Bown faced the challenge of changing the face of recruitment by setting up a company that went beyond “only being interested in making money with no thought on how they did it”.  Recruitment, as an industry in general does have a poor reputation,  so the need for a trustworthy, ethical and professional recruitment company is what Lee has strived for and achieved.

Recruitment is about “solving business needs with people, which means that many factors must be taken in to consideration”. As a result, Recart works proactively, with integrity and to a high standard of quality – as standard. It is with this that Recart is set apart from traditional employment agencies who see recruitment as purely transactional rather than as a service.

We respond to the unique circumstances presented with each candidate to reflect and compliment the business needs of our clients. Often within complex working environments and skill set disciplines, Recart applies a basic set of principles and methodology without overcomplicating things unnecessarily. Delivery volumes, client relationship longevity and committed candidates working with Recart exclusively is testament to the success of Lee’s initial goal.

What sets Recart apart from the rest?

  • Longevity – we want a partnership with our clients and candidates, not ad hoc business
  • Delivery comes from  in depth quality not a scatter gun safety in numbers approach
  • Established consultants with low attrition allows clients to have one point of contact
  • Structured and solid processes in place with no compromise on compliance
  • Senior collaboration with staff to up skill and develop the workforce compliments the technical nature and mind set required of their work each day

On there are jobs for high-and low-skilled to find. Every day new jobs on the site. The probability is high that even your dream job at be found.


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