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About Deep Engineering Company

Deep Engineering Company Ltd (DECO)., a service focused company is a subsidiary of Joto Leading Group, established in Iraq with the focus on providing world class services for local and international companies. Deep Engineering was established with the aim to group and handle the business and projects Joto Leading is engaged in, for that a new partnership was formed to create the new Deep Engineering Company with four main business units, covering Business Consultancy, Technology solutions, Oil & Gas Services alongside general supplies and trading.

In DECO we not only care about doing business, but how  our  business  is  done.  Every company needs ways to conduct effective and productive tasks as efficiently and securely as possible, and for us, implementing procedures based on ISO standard by a professionally competent staff was the way to work to reach that goal. Adopting an industry standard model with its set of operational process methods and tools helped us identify the core dimensions, materials, and methodologies we now use in support of our business practices and to enforce a reliable, safe, and stable work process and environment.

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