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Alsard Group History:

Since  16th July 2000  Alsard Group for ( commercial agencies general trading , telecommunication , industrial, agricultural , tourism , and real estate

investment /Ltd( officially established and its  head office is in Sulaimania  .

From the beginning the company started with home electronics trading and commercial agencies, the company possessed the trade mark  of chines

( KONKA and Midea ) in Kurdistan region & Iraq , from 6th  July 2000 under the decision  NO.(3299/001100B ) Alsard gained international commercial

activation from Chinese council for international commercial development.

the company have offices in the city of  ( Baghdad , Sulaimaniya, Erbil,Kirkuk, Mousl, Basrah) also in ( Dubai, & Iran).

The company has legal registration for  reconstruction, tourism,& investment projects in Kurdistan  region & Iraq , which it consist of many public service ,

civilization and modern telecommunications in entire Kurdistan region and Iraq generally


Salim St. -Haji Muhamed Bamoki Building
Tel: +96453(3182475-3187173-3182476)

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